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2nd October 2020

Cheap and cheerful chickpea curry

A heartwarming vegetarian curry recipe, ideal for feeding a hungry student house
Cheap and cheerful chickpea curry
Photo: Diana House @Flickr

In celebration of Vegetarian Day (1st October), here’s an easy curry recipe to make with essentially whatever you have in your fridge!

The recipe uses chickpeas, however you could use whatever vegetables you like. Potatoes, cauliflower, aubergine and sweet potatoes would also work really well.

If you’re isolating with your flatmates, this is the perfect recipe to make because you’re bound to have everything you need between all of you.

If you’re cooking for the whole house, just double up the recipe.


1 tablespoon of oil (coconut oil works really well)

1 white onion

2 cloves of garlic

1 chilli – alternatively you can use chilli flakes

1 red pepper

1 tin of chickpeas

1 tin of tomatoes

Half jar of curry paste (any kind you like)*

A tin of coconut milk or double cream (if you like your curry creamy)

Chopped coriander to garnish

*Instead of curry paste, you could use a spice mix : ½ teaspoon of cumin, ½ teaspoon of ground coriander, ½ teaspoon of garam masala, ¼ of turmeric, ¾ of ginger  (adjust accordingly depending on your taste).


Heat the oil in a pan on a medium heat.

Slice the onion and add to the pan.

Cook your onions slowly till they become translucent.

Slice the pepper and chop the garlic, add both to the pan.

Let everything cook down until it’s soft, stir regularly so you avoid burning the garlic.

If you’re using a whole chilli, remove the seeds then chop it finely and add to the pan.

Add your curry paste/spice mix. Stir so everything is coated and then add the tinned tomatoes.

Drain and rinse your chickpeas, then add to the pan.

Turn the heat down and let the curry cook for 20-30 minutes.

Stir in your coconut milk/cream.

Let cook for around another 5 minutes

Season with salt, pepper and chilli flakes (if you’re using them)

Chop some coriander and sprinkle it on top.


You can serve this curry with a variety of sides, rice and naan would be the obvious choice. However this curry also works great with wraps or pitta breads.


Sorcha Cullen

Sorcha Cullen

Food and Drink Editor.

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