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30th October 2020

Chapeltown Picture House presents cult curation this Halloween

A whole host of Spooktacular frights await at Chapeltown Picture House this weekend, writes Culture Editor Georgina Davidson
Chapeltown Picture House presents cult curation this Halloween
Tobias Soar @ Chapeltown Picture House

Chapeltown Picture House invites a host of Spooktacular cult curation as part of the official launch.

What cinematic delights can we expect? 

The sudden change of air and cold blustery showers loom over Manchester. The arrival of sombre autumnal days and darker nights has begun. You may be feeling tired and bored with tiers and covid fears? Lost in on-demand shows and the comfort of re-runs?

Not to worry but plenty to fear, as this week’s film section brings news of an exciting arrival in the city.

Set to chase away those blues and create some spooktacular chills, Chapletown Picture House prepares to open its doors with a rivalling and ready Halloween launch. This ghoulish weekend line-up combines multiple cult film classics from over the last three decades, beginning this Friday.

From recent releases to cult classics – A myriad of action awaits

The first screening on Friday 30th October is Panos Cosmatos’ Mandy (2018). It throws audiences into a freakish tale of fantasy art gone wrong, featuring a star-studded cast and production team. An already abstracted film, it is of course only heightened by the creative and course acting of the highly intense Nicolas Cage. Worth a watch for action, adventure and the pure ambition of this venture.

Alongside this, the Halloween weekend will also see the Cheetham-Hill picture house screen classics from the archive. From spooky shape-shifting The Thing (1982) to extreme slasher film, Scream (1997), this really is the beginning of a creepy collection to keep you entertained and staying safe whilst celebrating this year.

Keeping culture and community consciousness as a concern in these tricky covid times, the cinema aims to offer a night at the cinema that gets audiences out and about. In an industry blighted by struggling attendance and film repertoire, it is a bold, brave and wholly interesting venture which strives towards screen success. This is especially vital in a time dominated by on-demand culture.

See full website and listings here.

Orange background featuring a halloween screening schedule
Tobias Soar @ Chapeltown Picture House

For more details on community discounts for finically disadvantaged and front line workers, please contact the picture house website, or view their Instagram post here.

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