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POC around the block 2: Tatiana Ngamba

In this series, our columnist Anna Jin brings attention to the unique and talented people of colour working in fashion.

Tatiana Ngamba is the founder and creative director of Tatiana The Label, a Manchester-based womenswear brand with a ‘strong feminine aesthetic’.

Tatiana launched her label in 2019 with the goal of producing clothes “that are not found on the High Street”. She is heavily inspired by her Cameroonian and British backgrounds, which are channelled into her statement, unique garments that have “affordable prices with a luxury feel”.

The brand’s current limited-edition design is the Solange: a hand-shirred dress made from georgette fabric. It boasts a backless detail and can be made to measure in this modern black-and-white print.

The Solange dress. Photo: Tatiana The Label

Her current design aesthetic is “feminine, minimal and a bit bold”, which is influenced by her love of contemporary art, her African heritage and the creativity of Manchester.

When designing her pieces, Tatiana says: “I would think ‘Where would my customers go? Where would she live?’ in order to build a creative picture for myself.” Her goal is to get into the mindset of her customers, creating pieces that they will feel comfortable and confident in.

Tatiana makes all of her products to order, as she wants to ensure that the designs will perfectly fit her customers. “I am always designing with the women’s body in mind,” she says.

Since she struggles to find clothes that fit in stores, Tatiana is eager to ensure that her own brand is tailored to each individual and size-inclusive. Customers can select between standard UK sizes, or they can submit their own measurements.

Tatiana is responsible for the construction of all of her garments. She is a self-taught sewer: a skill she developed five years before founding her own brand.

Photo: Tatiana The Label

The Solange dress. Photo: Tatiana The Label

Tatiana’s commitment to made-to-measure garments also ensures that there is less fabric waste – one of the many ways in which her business model is sustainable. All of her materials are sourced in the UK, with the fabric for her design samples coming from Manchester.

Longevity is also key for Tatiana, as her luxury items are made to last a lifetime. On the topic of fast fashion, Tatiana says:

“People don’t realise how much work goes into making clothes because they are used to buying fast fashion. A lot of us [small brands] are trying to create something new and play our part. Hopefully the world will catch up.”

When asked about where she sees herself in the future, Tatiana wants to “have a studio in Manchester” and continue to “inspire and empower women”.

Tatiana’s garments can be ordered via her website. Her newest launch, the ‘Sweet Mood’ mini-collection, will be available from the 14th of November.

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Anna Jin

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