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5th November 2020

Review: Chit ‘N’ Chaat

Sampling some delightful vegetarian dishes from the Indian street food restaurant, Chit ‘N’ Chaat

Chit ‘N’ Chaat is an Indian street food restaurant, serving a variety of delicious small plates that are ideal for sharing, and suitable for student budgets.

The dishes are generously portioned and are very reasonably priced; we had six dishes between three people which cost us under £10 per head, whilst leaving us totally satisfied and comfortably full.

You can find Chit ‘N’ Chaat on the Curry Mile, so it’s an easy commute from the Universities or City Centre, as well as from south Manchester. They are also available on Deliveroo, so you could also whack on some Netflix and enjoy it from the comfort of your own sofa.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was friendly and inviting, in addition to feeling safe and COVID secure. The interior is informal and comfortable, making it the perfect venue for a mid-week meal out with your household. All the staff were polite and attentive.

We only sampled vegetarian dishes, so I can’t comment on the meat or fish dishes. However, they offer a large variety of meals that sound delicious. We decided to sample The Vada Pav, Chilli Paneer, Okra Fries, Pav Bhaji, Aloo Tiki Chaat and Samosa Chaat.

All the dishes were amazing: warming, rich, and delicately spiced. Our favourite was the Vada Pav, a reminiscent of a burger with a deep fried potato patty and a soft, buttery bun. It comes with a sharp green chutney, which cut perfectly through the buttery bun and potato filling.

Another highlight was the Chilli Paneer, which was served with green peppers; it was unlike any paneer any of us had ever tasted: it was sticky, spicy, and slightly sweet.

The menu at Chit ‘N’ Chaat is so varied that there’s definitely something for everyone.  The beauty of having small plates is that you can sample a variety of different dishes at once – what’s not to love?

They also do a variety of desserts, including Chocolate Samosas, which sound awesome.

Chilli Paneer
Photo @ Chit ‘N’ Chaat
The Vada Pav
Photo @ Chit ‘N’ Chaat





Sorcha Cullen

Sorcha Cullen

Food and Drink Editor.

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