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20th November 2020

Embrace geek-chic this winter with Manchester’s best sweater vests

Are you struggling to see beyond the preppy, grandad-esque vibes of these jumpers? Check out our hottest picks for trendy sweater vests from Manchester’s very own boutiques
Embrace geek-chic this winter with Manchester’s best sweater vests
Photo: Haley Lyons

We never expected that this old-school jumper would be back in style, but with the curveball that has been 2020, it really does not surprise us!

Sweater vests are often considered to be the ugly stepsister of jumpers: they’re a little bit old-fashioned and reminiscent of something your grandad would wear rather than a stylish option. That is, until they were reclaimed as this winter’s new hottest trend.

Suddenly everyone is trying to put this preppy garment into practice.

Brown sweater vest with white collar and pleated skirt
Photo: Olivia Di Pede

Although this recent resurgence has seen sweater vests being stocked in many different stores and online retailers, some of these new pieces may have lost the classic essence of the 70s staple. If you want to pay homage to this retro jumper whilst still looking trendy, Manchester’s independent and vintage boutiques have got you covered with some authentic pieces.

We’ve scoured the shelves (or should we say, webpages) of many local brands so you don’t have to, and here are our favourite sweater vests for you to rock this winter.

A rainbow of retro

In this Instagram exclusive option, Evolve Vintage are selling classic sweater vests in every colour imaginable. This ’70s-obsessed brand is our go-to for authentic vintage sweater vests to wear this winter, and their massive selection is a great starting point. As per their recommendation, these would look gorgeous layered over a white shirt.

Making it modern with a pop of marble

Woman wearing marble sweater vest with cream jumper and brown belt
Photo: Neon Rose

Even though sweater vests are a ’70s trend, it doesn’t mean that you need to stay stuck in the past. If you want to bring this iconic outfit into 2020, look no further than Neon Rose’s marble knitted sweater vest. With its ‘v’ neck and boxy fit, this pays homage to the classic piece, whilst adding some fun to your fashion. They also offer this in their plus size range, which goes up to size 28, making it the most inclusive of our list.

Keep it classic with cream

Woman wearing cream vintage sweater vest and lavender trousers
Photo: Dirty Disco

Everyone needs a staple cream jumper in their collection, as the layering options are endless with this neutral piece. Dirty Disco has got us covered with their button-down wool sweater vest that offers a less daunting way to try this trend. This option is more lightweight than the others, plus you can bring it out again in the summer months to get your money’s worth.

A girly, pastel twist

Woman wearing lilac button down vintage sweater vest with shirt
Photo: Jeneral Store

We already discussed how lilac is the most surprising addition to our winter wardrobe. Well, we are seeing it in action yet again. Jeneral Store’s button-down lilac sweater vest is a cutesy option for transitioning your wardrobe and can be rocked all-year-round. The buttoned front also allows you to style it as a waistcoat if you want to mix things up.

Go bold or go home

If you’re sick of wearing neutrals this winter, why not inject a pop of colour in your wardrobe with this sweater vest?

Cow’s rainbow stripe sweater vest is a funky option that will definitely make a statement this winter, and the array of colours means you can style it with virtually anything. It’s also the warmest and fluffiest option on our list to help you brave the colder weather.

Which sweater vest will you be wearing this winter?

Daisy Bradbury

Daisy Bradbury

Fashion Editor

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