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Marcus Rashford MBE has launched a reading campaign

Marcus Rashford MBE has launched a reading campaign for children across the UK. Rashford has played an instrumental role in governmental lobbying and activism this year. The Manchester United footballer is now using his celebrity platform to launch his book deal with Macmillan Books.

Rashford assisted in influencing the government’s u-turn decision over free school meals. Aasiyah Faryal reported on the recognition of his work in the Queen’s honours list for the Mancunion earlier this year.

The Manchester United footballer has now launched a project that focuses on literature. Rashford’s campaign centres on providing children from various socio-economic backgrounds with access to books.

Rashford’s debut book is set to be published in May 2021 by Macmillan books. The book is aimed at early teens and it is entitled You Are a Champion: Unlock Your Potential, Find Your Voice and Be the BEST You Can Be.

The footballer’s literary campaign seeks to redress the inequalities present in children’s access to literature. Reading as a hobby is a privilege that is tied up with class dynamics. Rashford has vocalised his thoughts on the value of reading as a necessary distraction, and how it provides an important opportunity for ‘escapism’.

Rashford’s book club campaign has received a considerable amount of media engagement. The Manchester United player tweeted last week: ‘Is it technically bed time? Parents, carers, tell your little ones that if they read a little bit before bed and share a pic with me, I’ll post it on my Instagram stories’. In light of Rashford’s tweet parents have shared pictures of their children happily reading books in the thread.

Above all, Marcus Rashford MBE continues to be a positive force for change this year. The footballer’s latest campaign forefronts reading as an essential part of childhood.

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