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12th February 2021

Love in lockdown: How to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember

Lucy Evans offers her advice on how to make Valentine’s Day special this year, despite the lockdown restrictions
Love in lockdown: How to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember
Photo: Alexandra_Koch @ Pixabay

Written by Lucy Evans.

Valentine’s day is another celebration that is set to look a little different this year. Lockdown has meant many of us have been spending twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week with our significant other for quite some time now, leaving many couples feeling uninspired about the 14th of February.

Some may have resigned themselves to an ordinary lazy Sunday, while other couples who have spent lockdown apart may feel equally disheartened that they cannot physically enjoy the occasion with their partner.

Despite this, Valentine’s Day 2021 can be as special as any other, and as unique as the year itself. The day of romance this year should be an opportunity to appreciate those we love and manifest some positivity for the year. 

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Photo: fetcaldu @ Pixabay

A simple (and COVID-friendly) day out

For those in relationships, a simple activity that is bound to set a romantic tone to your day is getting out for a walk, perhaps to pick up a takeaway coffee and cake from your local café. Didsbury’s Fletcher Moss Park is lit by fairy lights, and home to the Alpine Tea Room. A perfect location for a lockdown stroll with your loved one. 

A creative way around long distance

For those facing Valentine’s day apart, one way to make the day a little more romantic, is to create a Spotify playlist for one another. Not only is this a thoughtful and unique gift idea, but it’s also a great way to show your valentine just how much you care about them. In the words of Shakespeare ‘if music be the food of love, play on’. 

Dinner and drinks from the comfort of your home

In the evening, either in real life or through the modern technology of video call, setting up a date night in the kitchen is sure to bring some Valentine’s day vibes. We’ve all got used to the hoodie, joggers, and dry shampoo aesthetic of lockdown, but try dressing up to add a sense of occasion.

To begin the night, cocktails are on the cards. Perhaps take it in turns to pick a cocktail and make it together, or whip out the wine to make the meal a bit fancier. When it comes to food, sharing your favourite takeaway is a stress-free way to indulge or, if you’re a culinary whizz, cooking your partner a special meal is a great way to say, ‘I love you’. For those spending the night apart, cooking and eating your food together on a video call is a surefire way to feel close to your partner – despite the physical distance.

Keeping it fun!

After a romantic walk, drinks, and food, you should be well on the way to successfully enjoying a unique lockdown Valentine’s. Across Zoom, or face-to-face, a personalised quiz could be a great way to bring more fun to the evening; after all, how well do you really know your valentine?

If quizzes aren’t your thing, a board game or online version will allow you to spend some quality time together, distracted from any stresses or worries of daily life. Later on, relaxing with a film on the sofa together, or simultaneously streaming one, would round up a wholesome day of romantic Valentine’s activities in an unconventional year.

Making that extra effort

In some ways, the extra thought that has to go into Valentine’s day this year could make it even better than usual! Knowing your partner has had to think outside of the box to make it special brings a charm to the day, that may not have been there in previous years.

So, whilst this year might not be the Valentine’s day you had hoped for, don’t be disheartened. This as an opportunity to have a memorable experience with your partner, where you both take the extra step to make each other smile – a memory that you can both fondly look back on when the chaos has faded and normality has resumed. 

The importance of self-love

For those who are single this Valentine’s day, make the effort for yourself! Why not set up a day of self-care, good food, and be your own valentine? Chat with your nearest and dearest, and take a moment to be grateful for all the people you love in your life; maybe even let a couple of them know how important they are to you.


Whatever your relationship status is this Valentine’s day, and whether you can be with you significant other or not, you have the power to make the day a celebration that breaks the monotony of lockdown life. Whilst lockdown may have got us all feeling demotivated, we can all use this Valentine’s day to do something different and spread a little love in these uncertain times.

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