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15th April 2021

Books storage solutions that aren’t past their shelf life

Check out our five books storage solution ideas which are budget-friendly and suitable for any student home
Books storage solutions that aren’t past their shelf life
Photo: Maisie Scott @ The Mancunion

Book storage can be a challenge in student accommodation due to limited space options and funds. Physical books can be placed as a statement piece of decor or stored discreetly. However, sometimes in student houses the only option is to pile them up or store them in shoe boxes.

The stress about deposits or fines in student rentals/halls for damaging property means that creativity is key with books storage options. So, I’ve compiled some books storage solutions that aren’t passed their shelf lives.

Six book storage solutions for any student space:

1. HAY medium storage crate. The HAY storage crates are a budget friendly option and add a pop of colour to any room. I would opt for the medium sized crates because they fit lots of books and cost £11 per item.

The boxes are easily transportable which is useful for students on the move between uni houses. Fred Aldous stocks a wide range of colours so please support a local Manchester business if you can.

2. Ladder shelf. The ladder shelf is a useful option for narrow rooms with limited space. Urban Outfitters have a stylish ladder shelf which is perfect for anyone looking for an investment piece. However, this is probably the dearest storage solution.

3. Window sill shelving. This option is optimal for rooms with limited space because it makes use of your window sills rather than adding in extra furniture. Check out this compact option from Etsy which is available in a choice of sizes and colours to match any interior.

4. Utilise the top of your wardrobe. I would recommend making the most of the empty space on top of your wardrobe by chucking your books in piles on the top. Alternatively, you could use the bottom of your wardrobe for the same purpose.

5. IKEA BEKVÄM spice rack. I found this hack from The No Pressure Life blog and thought it was a creative solution for people with limited storage space. Pop IKEA spice racks on your wall if your landlord allows, or window shelves if not. You might need a couple of these if you’ve got an extensive books collection.

6. Repurpose an old shoe box. Reuse old shoe boxes as books storage by using them as book-end props or popping books in them and keeping the box under your bed. This is the most budget-friendly option and helps to declutter any space.

I’ve opted for using HAY storage crates which fit neatly underneath my bed. However, there are loads of resourceful options out there which would work in student accommodation.

If you’re looking at ways to declutter your bookshelves with sustainable options then check out our recommendations on ‘How to read books sustainably’. Additionally I would recommend swapping or selling your books on Facebook sites like book swap family.

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