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12th November 2021

Since when was ‘Sandlercore’ a thing?

What is Sandlercore? Our writer takes a deep dive into the new TikTok phenomenon to give you all the details
Since when was ‘Sandlercore’ a thing?
Photo: celebrityabc @ Flickr

Trends come and go, or sometimes people just stick to the same sense of style for decades. It’s a pretty bold thing to do in a world where one minute skinny jeans are in, and then massively out. That’s when it hit TikTok: in a world full of aspiring Timothée Chalamets, be an Adam Sandler.

Yes, that Adam Sandler. The one who was really popular in the 90s despite most of his movies being garbage (with many being created from his own production company, Happy Madison) who is somehow still relevant. The one who shocked the world when people realised that he could actually act well in the indie darling Uncut Gems (2019). And now people are realising… he’s a fashion icon? Yeah, I’m lost too.

When you think of fashion icons, Adam Sandler is not the first celebrity that comes to mind. And yet, here we are. ‘Sandlercore’ is exactly as it sounds: dressing up according to the aesthetics of Adam Sandler.

That means extremely oversized baggy t-shirts and shorts, as well as some slides (or trainers, if you’re feeling particularly fancy). If you want to add some accessories, opt for extremely long socks and sunglasses to complete the look. With the changing weather, you can also add a comfy denim jacket or a hoodie. The shorts must stay though, so maybe try to find the longest pair of socks possible for winter. 

So how did we get here? In 2020, when the world came crashing down, we all stayed inside and wore exclusively loungewear for months on end. We stayed inside for fun, of course – we definitely weren’t legally required to, or anything like that. When we re-entered the world, many of us didn’t want to go back to tight fitted clothes and jeans.

Instead, we still wanted to hold on to some comfort, and that’s when a halo formed around Sandler’s head. Whilst Sandlercore may be quite jokey and fun, there are celebrities who wear baggy clothing fashionably and have been popularised for their look, such as Billie Eilish who also rocks the baggy t-shirt and shorts combination. Whilst some people don’t like Eilish’s style, we can all agree that she generally looks very comfy. I for one, am envious. 

I think there is something to take from Sandler’s unique fashion sense even if you don’t want to participate in Sandlercore yourself: comfort is definitely key. When you’re comfortable, you generally feel good even if you don’t look your best.

The baggy style is definitely size-inclusive and can help to normalise dressing in larger sizes, as many people feel more comfortable in that fit. Whilst some may enjoy tight-fitting clothing, others can feel self-conscious, often feeling excluded from fashion trends. 

Sandlercore isn’t about fashion at its centre, it’s about feeling cosy without the pressure to look conventionally stylish or attractive every day. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but maybe Adam Sandler isn’t the hero we deserved, but the hero that Gen Z needed in order to move away from a hyper-sexualised, body-image-obsessed fashion world.

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