17th November 2021

Exile: The newest Fallowfield hub

We review Exile, a newly established café in Fallowfield
Exile: The newest Fallowfield hub
Photo: Izzy Langhamer @ The Mancunion

Written by Asha Lawson-Haynes.

Exile is a newly established café situated in the heart of Fallowfield, perfect for both Sunday brunches and for finishing off uni work with a coffee and a cake. Chynna and Richard, Exile’s founders, opened the café in April 2021 with an ethos to maintain a Mancunian vibe. This even comes down to the emerald tiles imitating the heritage pubs of central Manchester. Ever conscious of food miles, much of the produce is locally sourced, with coffee supplied by local roastery Ancoats Coffee, meat from Axons, a local butcher in Didsbury, and all the fresh ingredients from Wimmy’s next door!

Upon arrival, expect to be greeted with friendly faces, accommodating staff and the sweet smell of the freshly baked cakes. On my visit, this happened to be lemon drizzle and banana bread. The best I have potentially ever had, and full to the brim of chocolate chips. The menu itself is seasonal, constantly changing and is best described as having a small variety of dishes including vegan and vegetarian which are, most importantly, cheap! Large circular tables prove ideal for big groups, but there is also a cluster of smaller tables of two tucked away if you’re after some quiet time. 

It’s not just food that Exile has to offer. Rails of vintage clothes are situated around the café. From scarves (2 for £5) to Nike jumpers, sunglasses and even winter coats. This serves as a great motivation whilst working, or to add another layer of indulgence to a Sunday brunch.

Photo: Asha Lawson-Haynes @ The Mancunion
The food

Not wanting to miss out, a friend and I opted to share two dishes, ordering the chorizo hash and  the vegan cheese and kimchi toastie. The hash came with the satisfaction of a perfectly cooked egg, and chorizo that was fresh and thick. The vegan toastie, served with homemade crisps, delivered the perfect balance of crispness from the kimchee and rich saltiness from the oozing vegan cheese.

While all of the dishes sounded inviting, the owners themselves revealed the Exile breakfast to be both a personal favourite and a hit with students. All down to Axon’s famous sausages.

Beyond the food, there is a large selection of drinks on offer, including the perfect hangover cure – smoothies.  A personal favourite is ‘ The Green One’, guaranteed to make you feel healthy even when you might not look it! Exile is the perfect student hub, with everything you might want or need on a weekend morning, and just a stone’s throw away from Owens park. 

Photo: Asha Lawson-Haynes @ The Mancunion

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