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30th August 2022

A Fresher’s Guide to: Life in Fallowfield

Dream about living in Fallowfield? Let us take you on a tour of all the social hubs and halls the area has to offer – there’s a reason why Fallowfield is Manchester’s student hotspot!
A Fresher’s Guide to: Life in Fallowfield
Photo: Erin Botten

Fallowfield symbolises student life in Manchester – any experienced Manc can tell you that. Whether you’re living in the area or are just visiting, read on for a fresher’s guide to Fallowfield.


Fallow’s accommodation fails to disappoint, each having its own character. UoM’s Fallowfield campus holds a variety of halls of residence that are in the heart of the suburb.

If a downright ‘detty freshers’ is what you crave, try a tenancy at Richmond Park, Uttley House, or the infamous Oak  House. Here, you’ll experience a bedlam of middle-class party animals who’ve made Skins a lifestyle. Scholars by day, evenings guarantee tales to tell the next day. Plus, given the diversity of Fallow, you’ll be guaranteed to make friends.

The main differences between these halls? En-suites. Richmond and Uttley feature en-suite bedrooms, meaning you can be violently hungover in peace. Despite Oak House being what it is (a hole), it does have bathtubs and bedroom sinks. However, these can be liabilities during parties…

Nearby these party blocks lies the magnificent architecture of Ashburne and Woolton Hall. A year at Woolton will allow you to enjoy a quiet read and a coffee in its library, while staying at Ashburne will give you the chance to jam in its well-stocked music room. Plus, with free catering reminiscent of the breakfast at a hotel resort, you will be immersed in authentic Russel Group vibes every day. You’ll be quite the student, and the quiet envy of others when you’re relaxing in the beautiful gardens in the summer.

Didn’t grab a hall in Fallow? Don’t worry! Experience the close-knit company in a student-house available in Ladybarn. Although fewer freshers are found here, the overall friendliness of the suburb means you will never be without mates.

Click here for an in-depth guide to choosing the correct accommodation for you!

Photo: Erin Botten @ The Mancunion


When it comes to planning a night out in the town, one isn’t exactly hard-pressed. Let’s say you’re trying to break the ice and get to know your new flatmates, simply rock up and rock out to the bouncing tunes at 256. Fallowfield’s most iconic bar/restaurant/nightclub, their weekly student nights offer £2 drinks. Pool up a snooker cue and see who can pot the most balls in their games room, which features three pool tables.

If you fancy staying on-campus, a visit to Squirrels will place you among your fellow freshers. Annually Squirrels holds fresher’s week events, where you can get smashed with the rest of Fallow and let your student journey begin. Grab drinks for as little as £2, with cocktail pitchers for £6. Play pool, darts, table tennis, or even just do your laundry downstairs in its basement. There’s loads to do.

For a more traditional English pub, the charisma of The Friendship Inn offers weekly quizzes and includes two spacious beer gardens. They’re always showing the match so it’s very handy to live nearby when it comes to the hooliganism of football season. If it’s busy, simply cross the road for a cheeky Spoons at The Great Central. Their cosy atmosphere is great with their famously cheap drinks.


While all this partying does sound fun, we advocate keeping an active lifestyle while at university. Fit in your workouts at Fallowfield’s The Gym, just opposite Ashburne Hall on Old Hall Lane. Its three floors boast a weight room, cardio section and callisthenics area, and are as well-equipped as they are spacious.

Speaking of spacious, Platt Fields Park is home to two large playing fields (each able to contain around two games at a time). It is a welcome alternative to the gym if you prefer to work up a sweat in the fresh air. Whether it be basketball, cricket, football, skateboarding, or anything you fancy, Platt Fields is the place to do it.

The Armitage Sports Centre is a perfect blend of both The Gym and Platt Fields Park. With a discounted membership for UoM students, the Armitage has a gymnasium, playing fields, a sports hall, a private back suit, and function rooms. Swing by for a game of squash, or even try your hand at joining a team! Choose from martial arts, football, netball, e-sports, or anything else listed on the Student Union website.

So, if you want to be part of a community this year, opt for Fallowfield.

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