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19th September 2022

Cosy up with Backyard Cinema this Autumn

A preview of Backyard Cinema, the immersive movie experience coming to Manchester this Autumn.
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Cosy up with Backyard Cinema this Autumn
Photo: @ Backyard Cinema

A brand-new cinema experience is coming to Manchester this Autumn. Backyard Cinema, situated in Manchester’s Mayfield District, is a new immersive rooftop cinema showing a wide range of your favourite films over a limited ten-week period starting on the 21st of October. Watching a film at Backyard promises to be the perfect seasonal night out.

Since becoming a success with London audiences, Backyard Cinema has moved up north to conquer Manchester. Located at the Mayfield Depot, next to Escape to Freight Island and Warehouse Project, means they’re in good company amongst student staples. The Backyard Cinema is a massive project, renovating the industrial warehouse into a magical rooftop cinema with stunning views of the city and Mayfield Park.

There will be a chance to see Elvis (2022) on the big screen if you didn’t see it earlier this year. You can also experience the musical magic of The Greatest Showman (2017) on the big screen again. Backyard also caters to the nostalgic viewer with onscreen favourites like E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982), back on the big screen for its 40th anniversary.

Get into the Christmas spirit with seasonal Classics such as The Holiday (2006), Love Actually (2003), Elf (2003) and Home Alone (1990). The crowd reaction to these iconic movies is bound to be electrically when experienced in “the most magical place to watch a movie,” according to The Telegraph. The programme is featured on the Backyard Cinema website here.

Catching a film at Backyard Cinema will be a cosy wintery experience for you and your housemates with giant beanbag seating areas and seasonal cocktails. The cinema is also ideal for an alternative date night if you don’t have ice skating skills to flex. The large-scale project is bound to impress with additional movie-grade sets and a festive tunnel of trees for visitors to walk through.

There will also be live music and street food on offer so you can embrace those festival vibes even in winter. Perhaps even treat yourself to a seasonal cocktail! No need to worry about getting too chilly, either, as the cinema itself is inside.


Ticket prices range between £10-£20 and are already on sale. The event opens on the 21st of October for a limited 10-week run so make sure to secure your tickets here before they sell out.




Pip Carew is a third-year student at the University of Manchester studying Film Studies and English Literature. As head editor of the film section, she enjoys writing cultural journalism and has interviewed many industry professionals. After graduation Pip hopes to pursue a career in journalism with anyone who will let her write.

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