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7th October 2022

Testing Tequilas at Deansgate’s newest addition Rendition

Deansgate’s newest addition Rendition is a cool, speakeasy-style cocktail bar is complete with low lighting, live music, and tequila
Testing Tequilas at Deansgate’s newest addition Rendition
Photo: Alex Ferguson @ The Mancunion

Did you know that there is an underground speakeasy-style bar, complete with comfy booths, low lighting, and live music, right on Deansgate? I certainly didn’t.

Rendition is fairly new on the block, but it has already established itself as a very classy – yet very laid-back – drinking spot in the heart of Manchester. Last month, I attended their Tequila Party, one of the many events hosted for their ‘Golden Ticket’ members, and it was certainly an experience!

Photo: Alex Ferguson @ The Mancunion

Not knowing what to expect, I was relieved to be greeted at the door by a friendly member of staff who directed me downstairs to the speakeasy, where I could already hear live music playing. The band was fantastic, with a particularly charismatic lead singer bringing the party from the moment I was seated. It did not take long before guests at other tables were up and dancing.

I decided to try a few of Rendition’s signature cocktails – all very reasonably priced – and a glass of wine. Guests were treated to a free shot of Hacien Tequila with every drink, hence the “Tequila Party” feature of the event. Hacien offered two different types of tequila – a smooth classic silver tequila, and an interestingly zesty and fresh pineapple variety. As a tequila fan, I was in heaven, even though the pineapple variety was not entirely up my alley.

Throughout the night, small complimentary plates of food were served to us, ranging from guacamole and chips to fried chicken pieces and fried mushrooms. According to Rendition’s website, 99% of their menu is gluten-free with many vegan options, meaning there is sure to be something for everybody.

Photo: Alex Ferguson @ The Mancunion

By the end of the night, I was full and satisfied. The food was delicious, the drinks were excellent, and the live entertainment was the cherry on top. Most of all, I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere that Rendition had successfully created and the eclectic crowd that the venue attracted. Deansgate bars can get somewhat of a bad rap, but Rendition bucked the trend and delivered a truly enjoyable experience.

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