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16th November 2022

Six of the best places to catch all of the World Cup drama

With the World Cup fast approaching, we’ve created a list of suggestions of the best student-friendly bars to head to when watching the games
Six of the best places to catch all of the World Cup drama
Photo: Mpho Mojapelo @ Unsplash

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is fast approaching, commencing on November 20 and running until the final on December 18. Naturally, many people who may not usually be so a-tune with football will be excited to watch the biggest sporting event in the world, and Manchester is the perfect city to head out and support your team.

Manchester has a rich football history and has always been at the centre of the footballing world, as the home of two world-class clubs: the reigning Premier League Champions, Manchester City, and one of the most decorated football clubs in the world, Manchester United. Both teams will be seeing many of their players represent their countries during the World Cup. Whilst there are many spots throughout the city to catch a match, this list will highlight some of the best options for a great atmosphere and student-friendly deals.  

1) Depot Mayfield  

Location: 11 Baring St, M1 2PY 

You’ll find the biggest fan park in the city to catch all the action, with a capacity of 6000 in Manchester’s well-known former railway depot. Tickets start from £5 to enjoy the festivities, so for a lively atmosphere and 140M screens (Europe’s largest!), this is the place to be. The Depot’s ‘Road to Victory’ event will be filled with DJs, special guests, and much more, so promises an action-packed evening of football.  

2) Escape to Freight Island

Location: 11 Baring St, M1 2PZ

One of the best ways to celebrate the World Cup is to visit Escape to Freight Island’s Festival of Football, a free event jam-packed with food, pop-up stalls, and half-time performances, as well as a dedicated traditional pub setting. Every England match will be televised on the big screen, with other matches shown throughout the pub zone. With a wide variety of events, this is perfect for football and non-football fans alike! 

3) The Piccadilly Tavern  

Location: 71-75 London Road, Piccadilly, M1 2BS 

The central location of this venue makes it a great option to watch football when out in the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Known for hosting a wide array of sports, you can be sure to catch all matches televised here, along with pub food classics for a good deal.  

4) The Courtyard 

Location: 2 Chester St, M1 5SH 

The Courtyard makes for a great location for even just watching club football matches, especially high-profile matches such as the Manchester Derby, with a lively, passionate crowd of football fans gathering here every weekend. The Courtyard is also equipped with a beer terrace outside, housing a large screen perfect for viewing big matches, and a wide array of cheap cocktails and snacks that are perfect for students.  

5) The Flour and Flagon  

Location: 126 Grosvenor St, M1 7HL 

The Flour and Flagon provides a more homely, cosy location compared to many Manchester venues, while maintaining the feeling of a classic Northern pub. This is the ideal spot for a quieter location to watch football, especially with many student deals being offered within the pub for drinkers and non-drinkers alike. With sofas and comfortable armchairs, The Flour and Flagon is perfect for viewing the World Cup in a homely environment, despite the cold November gloom.   

6) Student bars 

Location: Various throughout campus  

One of the most accessible locations is the numerous student bars (Squirrels in Fallowfield, Victoria Park Bar, and the 532 Bar and Kitchen in the Student Union), which all house screens to watch matches on, as well as having the best deals on drinks. These bars are the best for a safe and chilled experience, whether you’re on campus or nearer to home.   

Of course, apart from these locations, there are also many other fantastic options to watch all the drama unfold, especially in a city with such a rich and deep love for football. Wherever you decide to watch, you can be sure to know that you’ll be watching football coming home! 

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