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18th November 2022

Adidas presents SPEZIAL F.C. footwear exhibition at Circle Square Manchester

Football and fashion fans – this one’s for you! Head over to Circle Square Manchester for a free exhibition of Adidas football footwear throughout the decades
Adidas presents SPEZIAL F.C. footwear exhibition at Circle Square Manchester
Photo: Erin Osman @ The Mancunion

Adidas is hosting a free exhibition of its football-themed footwear throughout the ages at Circle Square Manchester, open to the public from 18 – 27 November. Displaying the shoes worn by football heroes like David Beckham and Edwin van der Ser, Manchester’s Adidas Spezial F.C. exhibition is celebrating decades-worth of Adidas history within the beautiful game.

The exhibition is open daily from 12-8 PM, with free admission, World Cup match screenings, and exclusive performances from artists, including Happy Mondays, Liam Fray, and Confidence Man, in collaboration with venue CANVAS. Just minutes away from campus, this is the perfect post-lecture treat for football fans (coinciding quite seasonally with the FIFA World Cup). 

The displays include iconic Adidas shoes like the ‘Samba’ and the ‘Gazelle’, both purposed initially as football training shoes, now reappropriated for mainstream consumption. The displays showcase the history behind these developments — from the pitch to the streets, each shoe has a fascinating backstory.

Walking between the displays, you will see shoes quite literally star-studded with the signatures of Noel Gallagher, Steven Gerrard, David Beckham, and Edwin van der Sar. In the centre of the exhibition, World Cup footballs are lined chronologically, spanning from the 1978 World Cup in Argentina to the present day. The exhibition also features unreleased 2023 shoe samples plus END. clothing collaborations. 

Photo: Erin Osman @ The Mancunion

The exhibition is free, but donations to the Manchester Young Community Champions Charity are welcome. MYCC is a non-profit organisation supporting young children in Manchester through sporting activities. The charity has given children the platform to make new friends, express themselves, and engage with their local communities. 

So, if you’ve reached an afternoon and find yourself wandering aimlessly up and down Oxford Road, why not pop into this free exhibition? One thing is for sure — I have never seen so many shoes behind glass cases in the same place at once. It’s a treat for football and fashion fans in Manchester and not one to miss!

Erin Osman

Erin Osman

Co-Features Editor for The Mancunion // Twitter @ErinOsman03

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