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1st December 2022

How to claim the University of Manchester’s cost-of-living payment

All full-time students at the University of Manchester are eligible for £170 payments for the cost-of-living crisis, here’s how you can claim yours…
How to claim the University of Manchester’s cost-of-living payment
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The University of Manchester recently announced they would be providing cost-of-living support payments to students by December 16.

All full-time students fully registered on an undergraduate, postgraduate taught, or postgraduate programme can claim £170.

In order to claim the payment, students need a UK bank account, a UK mobile number, access to their student email account and complete registration for this academic year before December 1. 

The University  has encouraged those without UK bank accounts to quickly set up an account with an online-only bank such as “Monzo, Starling, Monese, or Revolut”.

Monzo and Starling require proof of address in the UK whereas Monese and Revolut do not. If a student does not have a UK bank account they cannot receive the one-off cost-of-living payment. 

Students also need to make sure their UK mobile phone number is up to date on the student system by December 4.

It must be in the international format with the country code +44 preceding the mobile phone number.

For example, “447911123456” is correct, but “07911123456” is not. Students who do not have a UK mobile phone number can fill out this form.

Students also have to be fully registered to receive the payment. If registration has not been completed it can be completed here by the end of November. 

Furthermore, access to University email accounts is crucial as the University of Manchester has sent all of the cost-of-living Payment information to these accounts.

When the payment is available to claim, student email addresses will receive an email from [email protected].

This email will contain an individual link where students will have to enter their student ID number and a verification number sent to their UK phone number.

Emails will be sent in batches to reduce demand on the student system which means that some students may receive it before others.

If students do not receive an email from the NatWest Payit email address, they have been encouraged to wait until December 16 and if an email is still not received then they can complete this online form

If the deadline is missed then students can apply to the Cost of Living Support Fund saying that the cost-of-living payment was not received. 

If students need further financial support they can apply for more support via the same Cost of Living Support Fund, regardless of social background, nationality, or level of study. 

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