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5th December 2022

THE BUTCHER is the bun for me

Manchester’s latest burger destination is bound to blow your mind
THE BUTCHER is the bun for me
Photo: Hattie Watts @ The Mancunion

After a hectic last-minute Christmas shop around the Arndale, nothing beats the thought of sitting down and digging into a hefty meal. 

But when you’re spoilt for choice, which restaurant will you pick? After visiting THE BUTCHER, I promise you that this joint will go above and beyond your expectations…

Established in 2012, THE BUTCHER has already received high praise across its international locations, including Amsterdam, Ibiza, and Berlin. After trying their delicious food, it’s no surprise that a new restaurant has opened in Manchester!

THE BUTCHER is a high-end fast food restaurant which specialises in breathtaking burgers. Located in Urban Playground, this restaurant is nestled between THE CUBE Live Experience and Putters Crazy Golf, giving it a lively, energetic atmosphere. I could have easily been carried away and spent a whole afternoon there!

At the centre of the restaurant’s stylish, modern interior is a massive kitchen. With tables surrounding it, I found my mouth watering while I watched my meal get prepared!

Not only were the staff extremely welcoming and helpful, but they also put a great deal of time and effort into preparing our burgers. 

Even though THE BUTCHER primarily serves burgers, I felt spoiled for choice. Providing a grand total of nineteen burgers on their menu, my friend and I spent a long time deliberating on what to choose. 

Finally, I decided on THE COWBOY, an Aberdeen Angus Beef burger with lettuce, tomato, grilled onion, jalapeño, and BBQ sauce (the best sauce – no negotiation), and a side of Butcher Fries. My friend went for THE BUTCHER WITH CHEESE, which had Dutch Edam cheese and Butcher Sauce, with a side of sweet potato fries. 

I thought nothing would ever top Five Guys – boy, was I wrong.

THE BUTCHER was overall a more enjoyable experience, topping both the American fast-food chain’s flavours and service.

The homemade bun was a spectacle alone. Soft and slightly sweet, it paired perfectly with the salty, crunchy filling. The beef was slightly pink in the middle, making it so tender that juice dripped down my chin when I took my first bite (just a heads up if you go on a date here). The well-seasoned meat combined with the layering of fresh vegetables created a burst of flavour that was undeniably delicious. The chips were just as impressive, and I couldn’t make up my mind whether the sweet potato or original fries were better. My friend and I both agreed, however, that their signature mayo took the chips’ flavour to another level!

While it was tempting to top it off with a cookies and cream milkshake, I was in a food coma as it was. It was a struggle to finish the burger and chips alone, so I definitely got my money’s worth!

Although lacking in options, THE BUTCHER does provide vegetarian and vegan options. With their burgers averaging between £8 – £9, this place is an affordable location for students, and worth every penny. 

Of course – it’s easy to give into Maccies or Nandos. But if you’re a fan of burgers, then THE BUTCHER is an experience that will leave you wanting more. 

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