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25th November 2023

Brown nails: This season’s understated beauty staple

Blue’s out, brown’s in! This season, the return of brown nails mirrors the winter vibe, with many opting for darker shades to elevate their style
Brown nails: This season’s understated beauty staple
Credit: michelleclassnails @ Instagram

During summer 2023, blue emerged as a dominant colour, establishing itself as one of “the hottest colour trends” of the year. However, as the seasons progress and the weather cools, a new colour is stepping into the spotlight – brown.

This versatile and earthy shade, often overlooked in recent years, is now staging a remarkable comeback in the fashion and beauty scene. Just as blue dominated the warmer months, brown is making a striking entrance as a go-to colour choice for the colder seasons.

As fashionistas and trendsetters explore this resurgence, brown nails specifically are becoming a prominent choice, symbolising a shift from the vibrant blues of summer to the rich, grounded tones of autumn and winter.

Juanita Huber-Millet, founder and creative director at Townhouse, claimed “Much like how brown tones are trending in the makeup world, brown nail polish has made a massive comeback. It adds a touch of sophistication to any look and is perfect for embracing the cosy and inviting feelings of autumn.”

On TikTok, the hashtag #brownnailpolish has amassed an impressive 12 million views and continues to surge, establishing brown as a leading choice for this season’s most sought-after nail colour.

Credit: Essie @, £9.99

Brown’s popularity stems from its diverse range of shades, allowing individuals to discover the perfect match that complements their skin tone. Whether opting for a lighter or darker hue, the spectrum of brown tones offers a canvas for experimentation, enabling one to tailor their nail colour choice according to their mood or style preferences.

Michelle Humphrey, a renowned celebrity nail artist, emphasises the soaring popularity of brown nails among her esteemed clientele this autumn. Among them, Lily Allen and Priyanka Chopra stand out as devoted fans of this lavish hue. Humphrey describes brown as a shade radiating sophistication and luxury, possessing an “opulent, expensive, and chic allure.

The allure of brown nails this season is undeniable, especially considering the high praise and admiration they’ve received from renowned figures in the beauty industry. With celebrity endorsements and the trend’s resurgence across social media platforms, it’s no wonder many are leaning towards embracing this sophisticated hue. Personally, the endorsement from experts and the chic appeal of brown nails have certainly convinced me to give them a try this season.

Credit: michelleclassnails @ Instagram

A list of notable A-list celebrity brown nail ideas include Jenna Ortega’s Brown Swirl Nails, Hailey Bieber’s Chocolate Glazed Doughnut Nails, and Jessica Wang’s Hot Chocolate Nails.

So, if you’re considering a stylish and elegant choice for your nails, joining the brown nail trend might just be the perfect move—it’s certainly on my to-do list!

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