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26th November 2023

A Christmas list for the girliepops

Whether you’re struggling with Christmas gift ideas for friends or family, or looking for things to add to your own wish list, here is a compilation of the best Fashion & Beauty recommendations this season
A Christmas list for the girliepops
Credit: Kari Shea @ Unsplash

Now that the Manchester Christmas markets are open, it’s clear that the festive season is just around the corner. Here are a few suggestions for what to put on your Christmas list, or to buy for a loved one.

Snow Fairy | Shower Gel | LUSH – from £7

This bad boy has become a staple in Lush’s product line; I’m pretty sure that I first heard of Lush’s ‘Snow Fairy’ range via Zoella. The range screams everything ‘girliepops’: pink, shimmering, and sweet. Although the scent may not be for everyone, it’s a cult favourite. Given that the range is only sold during Christmastime, it’s worth picking it up.

NUXE Rêve de Miel® Nourishing Honey Lip Balm, 15ml at John Lewis & Partners – £10.40

As someone who is continuously reaching for their lip balm, I can personally vouch for how good this lip balm is. I’ve finally stopped that habit, as this balm will leave your lips soft and hydrated for a good few hours. It’s also honey-scented but not overpowering. Although £10 might feel steep for a lip balm, it’s definitely worth it, and it lasts for ages too.

ASOS DESIGN super fluffy tassel scarf in green | ASOS – £15

Stay warm and cosy in this oversized scarf. Chunky scarves instantly elevate your outfit by adding a bit of extra ‘oomph’. Chunky scarves look great in any colour – there’s a huge range to choose from on ASOS – but I love this grassy-green colour, as it would genuinely go with any colours you’re wearing.

Pull&Bear rounded bag with eyelet detail in silver | ASOS – £19.99

What better way to embrace the colours of the festive season than wearing them? This bag is so cute and would go perfectly with any outfit. If you wear silver jewellery then you’ll look so put together and like you’ve really thought through the details (even if you’ve just thrown a bag over your shoulder). If you’re a gold jewellery person then this could create a ‘cool girl’ metallic clash, or, simply, you can go and find a gold bag.

Mark Hill Style Addict Perfect Blow Dry Kit – Boots – £23

If you want to start the new term with a new look, then investing in hair styling tools and products is a great way to achieve this. This Mark Hill kit has all the key essentials in it to achieve a bouncy blowout or a pin-straight look. Considering what you get in the kit, £23 is a great price.

Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Jet Set | Cult Beauty – £28

The Sol De Janeiro has been a fan-favourite since it launched earlier this year, and once you’ve smelt the products, you’ll understand why. This mini-set includes a body moisturiser, shower gel, and body spray packaged in a vibrant handbag-sized kit. With sweet smells of pistachio, coconut, and salted caramel, this set will have everyone in the room dishing out one of the best compliments; “you smell so nice!”. The set will transport you back to lying on a beach somewhere, which is definitely needed given Manchester’s incessant rain.

OUAI Get-a-OUAI Kit (Worth £42.00) – LOOKFANTASTIC – £30

OUAI are known for their high-quality products, sleek packaging, and a name which is really hard to pronounce. This set of their best-selling basics knocks £12 off the retail price of the products, so it’s a great deal. The shampoo, body scrub, and hair oil will have you looking fresh and glowing during the damp, dark days of January. Your hair and body will first be exfoliated by the cleansing ingredients, and then nourished as all of the products aim to lock in moisture and shine.

Oral-B Pro 3 – 3900 – Black & Pink Electric Toothbrushes Designed By Braun – Boots – £60

This might seem like a strange item to put on your Christmas list, but dental hygiene is key. This toothbrush has been highly rated by dentists, and Oral-B is the top dental brand worldwide. I won’t subject you to the boring details about its “unique round head,” but if your toothbrush has seen better days, then this is the one to replace it with.

Alexandra Baynes

Alexandra Baynes

Head Editor of Opinion Section. Radio Host on Fuse FM. Twitter: @lexiebayness

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