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29th November 2023

The best beauty advent calendars of 2023

From Soap & Glory to Charlotte Tilbury, here are the best beauty Advent Calendars of 2023 for every price range
The best beauty advent calendars of 2023
Credit: Jan Romero @ Unsplash

Christmas has come around again and so have the new crop of beauty advent calendars. Every year it’s a tricky decision between high-end brands with sample sizes behind each door, or calendars by companies like Cult Beauty and ASOS with a variety of products. If you’re struggling to find the ultimate one, look no further: here are the best beauty advent calendars of 2023 ranked.

10. NYX ‘Twelve Days of Kissmas’, £49.99

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At number ten on the list is the NYX lip advent calendar, featuring 12 best-selling lip products. If you’re a fan of the NYX lip products this calendar is definitely up your street. Why did it make number ten on the list? All the products are miniatures and you only receive 12 products. For 12 lip products from NYX, it would cost around £80, so you’re only saving just over £2 per product and they’re half the size.

9. Space NK ’12 Days of Fragrance’, £150

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For those of you more into your fragrances than your makeup and skincare, the Space NK calendar is right up your avenue. Featuring 12 fragrances including candles, the Space NK calendar is a great purchase to find your signature scent.

Featuring a full-size Rose Inc candle worth over £30 and three full-size perfumes it’s a great option. Cons? Nine of the products are miniatures, a few being the size you would receive in a magazine so would really only last you a few sprays. So, despite the amazing selection of fragrances and a few full-size options the calendar features more miniatures, making it number nine on the list.

8. Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Lucky Chest of Beauty Secrets’, £160

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Coming in at number eight on the list is the Charlotte Tilbury calendar. Featuring 12 of Charlotte Tilbury’s most popular products including the Magic Cream and Magic Serum. There’s a great selection of beauty products in this one, including a complexion brush. However, there are only two full-size products out of 12 and they’re both lip products, so if you’re not a lippie enthusiast it probably isn’t the best choice for you.

7. Soap & Glory ‘It’s a Pinker Wonderland’, £36.80

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In the more affordable range is the Soap & Glory calendar, including a super varied selection of products. It has sheet masks, fragrances, body care and skin care as well as accessories. Featuring 24 of Soap & Glory’s best-selling products with four full-size body products it’s great value at less than £40. However, like a lot of advent calendars that end up in the reduced section there are lots of body creams in the calendar which, let’s be honest, we never use. But, considering the great range of skincare and cute accessories, it’s worth it for the great price.

6. Rituals Premium Advent Calendar, £165

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If you’re looking for a gift for your mum or maybe you just like the finer things in life, the Rituals advent calendar is right up your street. For 2023 Rituals have released four calendars ranging from £87 to £165 with one specifically designed for men, including all the manly products like shaving cream and a ‘Sport Car’ perfume (as we all know a man would combust at the sight of a candle or a moisturiser).

The premium calendar features 24 products with five being full-sized. Even better, the Rituals website tells you everything you’re receiving in your calendar making the decision to buy a lot easier. The box is also incredibly decadent, decorated with LED Christmas lights so you can add it to your permanent Christmas decks collection once you’re done.

5. En Route Jewelry 12-Day Advent Calendar, £215

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The only non-beauty-related calendar on the list is the En Route calendar. The calendar includes nine original pieces and three exclusive to the calendar. The calendar includes a mix of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces so you’re sure to find your new favourite piece. However, the jewellery is mostly gold so it’s not very cost-effective for silver girlies, and there is no way of knowing the sizes of what you’re going to receive so it’s a bit of a gamble. But, if you’re a lover of cute and on-trend jewellery, this is a great choice.

4. Vogue Festive Calendar, £350

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Brand new for 2023, Vogue have released their first beauty advent calendar. The offering includes 31 products, the second most on the list. It features 13 fully-sized beauty products and primo accessories and tools, including a bracelet worth £110. As well as this, you will receive a one-year digital subscription to Vogue and a “mystery” collectable. According to Vogue, the offerings are worth over £1500 when bought separately so you’re definitely getting bang for your buck. The price is, well, extortionate, but if you’re looking to splash out it’s an incredible gift not to be missed.

3. Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar, £250

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The second most expensive offering on the list is also probably the most famous. Fans of Liberty wait eagerly for the release of their advent calendar each year, and 2023’s offering does not disappoint. The calendar includes 29 products, 20 of which are full-size. Also this year, Liberty have hidden a golden ticket in a select number of calendars where the lucky winner receives £1000 to spend in the Liberty store.

According to Liberty, the combined price of all the products included would cost you over £1000, making it the best value-for-money offer on the list. The calendar includes a mix of skincare, fragrance, candles, haircare, accessories, and a gold-plated bracelet. The only con is the high price point, but in terms of value, it’s a great choice.

2. Barry M 25 Days of Beauty Discovery, £45

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Second from the top is Barry M’s 25-day advent calendar. For the first time on the list, all 25 products are full sized featuring 11 makeup products, seven nail polishes and seven cute accessories. According to Barry M it is 100% cruelty-free and vegan, and every product is exclusive to the calendar. Since 2014, Barry M has been a staple in many girls’ nail polish collections mostly because Zoella told us to buy them, but they are a great product. The calendar is also on the much cheaper side for 25 fully-sized products so is great value.

1. Sephora Favourites Advent Calendar, £189

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We’ve reached number one on the list, the cream of the crop, the Sephora advent calendar. Featuring a whopping 36 products which will keep the days exciting well into the January blues, and 23 full-sized ones which is pretty much the entire lead up to Christmas with a new beauty product.

They vary from skincare, makeup, candles, accessories and haircare from well-loved brands like Neom, Rare and Elemis. The Sephora calendar is significantly cheaper than those of Liberty and Vogue for more and better-sized products. It’s safe to say Sephora have outdone themselves, and this calendar is not to be missed.

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