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Dave Wingrave

Dave Wingrave

The Five Greatest Booze-Soaked Novels

Vare, vare drunk.

Review: The Flame Alphabet by Ben Marcus

2 stars

Review: The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach

What I read about The Art of Fielding (TAOF) in online reviews: Henry Skrimshander is a young baseball genius who might just be good enough to lead perennial no-hopers Westish College all the way to the championship. But – uh-oh! – one bad throw causes him to lose his nerve! There are also 4 other […]

An aviary of books: the top literary Twitter feeds

I once tweeted that – IMHO – Mary Karr was a better writer than Joan Didion, and the latter retweeted me. There a lesson here beyond ‘Watch what you say or L.A Matriarchs that refuse to die might find you and eviscerate you while you sleep’, and that is: get over yourselves, Twitter-haters. Even if […]

Review: Michel Houellebecq – The Map and the Territory.

Described variously as the most important, original and talented author in France at the moment, Houellebecq’s latest novel has caused ripples of excitement in the literary world. Dave Wingrave asks whether it isn’t all just going to his head.