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Hannah Mead

Hannah Mead

Live: Niki and the Dove @ Islington Mill

The BBC may love them but Hannah Mead certainly doesn’t.

Album: Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves of Destiny – Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose

The listener is dragged along on a frantic freak show of a journey.

Live: The Staves @ Sacred Trinity Church

Angelic voices, folky tones and complex harmonies make up this choir of 3 young sisters’ sound.

Interview: Lisa Hannigan @ St. Phillips Church

As lovely as gigs in churches can be, Lisa Hannigan’s set needs less restriction and more sweatiness.

Interview: Alabama 3

The bizarre fusion between country and acid house makes Alabama 3 an intriguing act.

Live: King Charles @ Roadhouse

The regally named King Charles conquers the hearts of girls across the nation.

Album: Alabama 3 – Shoplifting 4 Jesus

An album packed full of country, funk, blues, gospel, acid house, dubstep and afrobeat. Something for everyone then.

Live: Patrick Wolf @ HMV Ritz

Convincing in his role of the ‘eccentric musical genius’, Wolf is adored by all in attendance.

Live: Sophie Barker @ Band on the Wall

A gig so bad, you have to question why anyone bothered to turn up. Ouch.