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Hannah Tosh

Hannah Tosh

Banks to give forgetful customers their money back

RBS, Natwest and HSBC promise to refund millions of pounds worth of uncollected ATM money

Russell Group expands again

Four more institutions recently accepted invitations to join the Russell Group of universities

999 call during murder of MMU lecturer’s family “badly handled”

An independent Police Report into the murder of Manchester Metropolitan lecturer said the handling of the 999 phone call ignored protocol.

Student sentenced for selling still born snaps on eBay.

A student midwife has been sentenced for stealing from a hospital whilst on a placement

University Place turns poetic

A inspirational poem has been permanently placed on the wall in University Place

Thieves dig 100ft tunnel to rob cash machine

Criminals spent six months digging a tunnel to a cash machine in Fallowfield to find only £6,000