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Jacob Nicholas

Jacob Nicholas

Interview: Spoon

We spoke to the Texan indie greats about Trump, ambience, and how you should never listen to anything they have to say

How intergenerational projects are tackling the loneliness crisis

With loneliness becoming an ever-increasing problem for the older generation, the Intergenerational Project at the University of Manchester sets out to tackle the issue by bringing elderly people together

Album: Spoon – Hot Thoughts

The indie rock titans return with their latest masterpiece

The future of journalism by future journalists

We talk to our editorial team one last time to let loose on all our media-based frustrations

Album: Los Campesinos! – Sick Scenes

The indiepop legends return with an album that falls short of their past brilliance, writes Jacob Nicholas

A Student Life: The Revolutionary Marxist

We spoke to Ed Rosier, chair of the Marxist society, about the current growth of radical groups

Meals Out with an Allergy

With the number of food allergies on the rise, we went to five different restaurants to see how they deal with allergies

Interview: Sorcha Floyd – Campaigns and Citizenship Officer

We spoke to Sorcha about Go Green and Manchester’s ongoing homelessness crisis

Interview: Emma Atkins – Education Officer

We spoke to Emma about the issues she has been tackling, particularly the TEF

Interview: Izzy Gurbuz – Wellbeing Officer

We spoke to Izzy about mental health and Food on Campus

“You’re a total cuck mangina”

We take a look at some of our favourite comments

A student life: the student journalist

We spoke to Eliza Slawther about being a student journalist

A student life: the quidditch player

We spoke to Livi Dickinson about being a quidditch player at university

Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell’s disrespect for the student body

After his interview with Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell was pulled from last week’s edition of The Mancunion, Jacob Nicholas argues the case for our independence from the university

Interview: Dame Nancy Rothwell

Head Features Editor Jacob Nicholas sat down with the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, to talk about everything from Brexit to building a hotel on campus

How will this summer’s politics affect students?

The summer has been dramatic, and has dropped most of the UK into uncertainty, universities and students included

Festival Preview: Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia

These bands, composers and producers are pushing forward and doing what all the best modern music should.

Festival Preview: Green Man

Green Man is a great festival constantly on the up, steadily refining itself into a wonderful, carefree weekend for genuinely everyone

Cavern of Anti-Matter: Void Beats/Invocation Hex

Born from the ashes of Stereolab, Cavern of Anti-Matter have delivered a glorious retro-futurist bolt of energy

Record reappraisal: Third Eye Foundation: Semtex (20th anniversary edition)

Jacob Nicholas revisits this strange 90s gem, which fuses two of the most iconic and yet radically different underground genres: shoegaze and drum and bass.