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Jasper Llewellyn

Jasper Llewellyn

Upcoming Live Art and performance in Spring 2014

Jasper Llewellyn fills us in on the up and coming live art calandar.

Performance art is my ‘melancholy mistress’

Jasper Llewellyn interviews Clifford Owens.

Domestic Festival

Jasper Llewellyn attends live art festival Domestic…

Noise and Signal

Jasper Llewellyn reviews Daksha Patel’s Noise and Signal.

Turner Prize ‘13: Tino Seghal

Established in 1984, the Turner Prize is awarded each year to a contemporary artist under 50, living, working or born in Britain, who is judged to have put on the best exhibition of the last 12 months. Previous winners include Gilbert & George, Antony Gormley, Grayson Perry, Jeremy Deller and Damien Hirst. This year’s shortlist […]

Islington Mill

A unique arts space devoted to progression, experimentation and what those who work at the Mill call ‘Werq’.

What Is Live Art?

Jasper Llewellyn gives an insight into Manchester’s live art scene