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Lloyd Henning

Lloyd Henning

Lloyd Henning is columnist and web editor for The Mancunion. He was once an olive connoisseur, he now works towards one day creating the real Jurassic Park. You can follow him on twitter @lloydhenning

The deceit of the sunny prospectus

When the works on, the sun’s out

Get a better degree: lie in your student survey

Is the survey just a game to be played?

Eat Goody Review

The end of mayonnaise sandwiches

Jurassic roast

Sunday dinner needn’t be your standard farmyard bovine.

Third year fear

The end is nigh for studenteye

Confessions of a former fresher

Things used to be very different

Food and Drink Campus Map

Here lays the map of the best and worst of the Food and Drink available in and around the University of Manchester’s campus.

Reborn as a hippy-crit

What’s so funny ’bout peace, love and misunderstanding.

Nap time

You just can’t help dozing off at university

The spoilt brats of society

Doing our bit to annoy everyone else

The extravagance of staying in

Going out is so uncouth

Cycling, transport for us pricks

Socially acceptable selfishness

Hanging and cotching

Prepare for a day of nothing

Fork me, Spoon me

Valentine’s day is once again looming its ugly head and the pressure for every lonely-heart to find somebody to share a meal with is on.