Photo: @Shay Rowan

Review: Mydidae

Sam McElhattan reviews Mydidae the Northern premiere of a play written by BAFTA-winning playwright Jack Thorne and presented by Wonderhouse Theatre.

Photo: @Alex Mead, Decoy Media

Review: Sparkplug

Cathy Wippel reviews David Judge’s semi-autobiographical one-man show, Sparkplug

Photo: @Lerato Grace Mokate

Review: Twelfth Night

Anuli Changa reviews one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, Twelfth Night, performed by the University of Manchester Shakespeare Society

Photo: @Philip Tull

Louise Avey reviews Trial by Laughter at the Lowry Theatre, which may go on to become a hit with seasoned theatre-goers

Photo: @Ivy Rose Studio

Patience Kanjira reviews the impressive The Frou Frou Club at 53two, featuring ‘mind-boggling’ performances and huge diversity in its acts

@Sheppard Robson / Yuwei Zhang

Anuli Changa attends the Open Forum at YES as part of Contact’s Queer Contact Festival Weekender and reflects on discussions about the future of Contact Theatre once refurbished

Photo: Johan Persson

“Shocking, insulting and outrageous and I loved every minute of it”: Bella Jewell reviews the musical that combines Nazism, glorious campness, and spandex

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