Photo: @Ivy Rose Studio

Patience Kanjira reviews the impressive The Frou Frou Club at 53two, featuring ‘mind-boggling’ performances and huge diversity in its acts

Photo: Lee Baxter

Evie Appleson reviews ‘First Time’, Nathaniel Hall’s solo performance that tackles a difficult subject

Photo: @Felix Firth

Review: ‘Mallets’

‘The stakes are high and the tensions higher.” This statement from the description of the play was certainly true of the University of Manchester Drama Society’s latest production, ‘Mallets’, written by Rex Fisher and directed by Merle Wheldon-Posner and Felix Firth. Set in summer in a garden in South Gloucestershire, the fast-paced and entertaining comedy […]

Photo: Johan Persson

“Shocking, insulting and outrageous and I loved every minute of it”: Bella Jewell reviews the musical that combines Nazism, glorious campness, and spandex

Photo: Libby Williamson

Review: ‘Barred’

Sam McElhattan reviews ‘Barred’, a rehearsed improvisation performed at Antwerp Mansion

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