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GCSE syllabuses overlook BAME authors

GCSE syllabuses overlook BAME authors

Aileen Loftus questions whether students can leave school without having studied a novel by a black author
Nearly a quarter of university applicants receive unconditional offers

Nearly a quarter of university applicants receive unconditional offers

Universities are offering to remove grade requirements if students list them as their first choice

Top universities discriminate against A-Level subjects typically chosen by poorer students

On the eve of A-level results day, a study finds that some A-Level choices are keeping poorer students out of elite universities

BME applicants “unfairly rejected” by Russell Group universities

Researchers found that data indicates BME university applicants are disproportionately rejected a place at university in comparison to similarly-qualified white peers

Straight-A* student denied student loan due to immigration status

Iraqi-born Hassan al-Sherbaz has lived in the UK half his life, attended both primary and secondary school in this country, but has been told he must pay full international fees if he wants to study Chemical Engineering at Imperial College

UK university admissions hit all-time high

Rising numbers of successful EU applicants and the lifting of the cap on intake has seen more than 400000 successful applicants this A-level results day

Exam board’s “lack of understanding” could have dire effect on students’ prospects

“Guesstimated” exam results resulting in hundreds of thousands of lodged appeals could cause a nightmare for students dealing with the time constraints of university applications

Frustrating A-levels makes the prospect of university even better

As part of our Welcome Week Education Special, David Brierley tells us why he thinks the failure of A-levels and standardised testing makes university a more exciting opportunity.

The myth of the preferred A Level damages education

Alice Rigby explains how pressurising students into taking certain A Levels is coercive and excessive

University: myth vs. reality

We are all told what to expect before starting uni, but just how much of it is true?