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Photo: Shervin Lainez

Wilco’s new album Ode To Joy shows the band recapture their classic music style and lyrical anxiety through their muse of America’s current political climate

Photo: Paul Hudson @ wikimedia commons

Sam Dynes looks at Girl Band’s re-entry to the music scene and how their new album is a tour de force investigation of lead singer Dara Keily’s mental health

MARINA returns after four years for the first of a two part album. Contributor Georgina explores the gentle, lyrical elegance of her latest release ‘Love’.

Photo: Lil Pump - Be Like Me ft. Lil Wayne (YouTube)

The blockbuster-album approach to Lil Pump’s highly anticipated Harverd Dropout loses most of what was appealing and exciting about this young Floridian rapper, says Harry Thorfinn.

Photo: Authorised Press Picture

Alan takes a look at Danny Brown’s fifth studio album uknowhatimsayin¿, which follows up 2016’s wild Atrocity Exhibition with a more mature, humorous record, cementing Danny’s place as one of the decade’s best rappers.

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