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Ballet, Circus, and Opera Articles

Review: The Sleeping Beauty

The English National Ballet’s The Sleeping Beauty is a technically beautiful ballet, grounded in a convincing emotional reality

Circus of Horrors

On Monday 12th March, Manchester Opera House opens its doors to the horrors of Dr Haze’s circus, bringing with him a cast of blood-curdling, thrill inspiring dare devils. Spectacular contortionists throwing arrows from their feet, demon dwarfs, flying aerialists, gyrating jugglers, voodoo warriors, pickled people and a modern take on the traditional act of sword-swallowing, swapping the sharp pointy weapon for a lit […]

Chinese State Circus

This unique performance from The Chinese State Circus was exhilarating and undeniably gripping throughout. It showcased a traditional Chinese art form which ranged from balancing on bicycles to smashing bricks on each others’ heads. The audience seemed mesmerised by the performances and the theatre was filled with gasps innumerable times. The show reflected the Chinese […]

Vive le Cabaret

Vive Le Cabaret’s dazzling Valentine’s Day special promised a night to remember and it certainly did not disappoint. The venue and soundtrack at The Lowry Theatre were an ideal setting for the night’s flamboyant events with red satin tables, classy decor and a medley of old jazz and swing with a contemporary edge. The night […]