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Can pharmacogenomics be introduced to the NHS?

Can pharmacogenomics be introduced to the NHS?

We have the technology to precisely match peoples drugs to their DNA, but should it be introduced to the NHS?
DNA sequencing: a bias against some

DNA sequencing: a bias against some

Modern techniques in DNA sequencing are becoming increasingly advanced. Wasim Askar looks at how DNA tests are used by states, companies, and people.

Manchester scientists find new test predicts skin cancer return

New findings from the CRUK Manchester Institute show that a test for tumour DNA in the blood can predict skin cancer returning

CRISPR – the controversial yet revolutionary gene-editing tool

Senior Science Reporter, Tori Blakeman, met with Zoology professor, Matthew Cobb, to discuss the applications and concerns surrounding this revolutionary genetic technology

Manchester discovery reveals how genetic interactions increase disease risk

Manchester and Cambridge scientists reveal new research on how the interaction of gaps in genes can influence the risk of arthritis, psoriasis and type 1 diabetes

Man arrested for rape after DNA blunder

A man was remanded in prison for five months on a charge of rape after a mistake was made processing his DNA for an unrelated incident