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We need the Independent Group

We need the Independent Group

Jacob Dunn considered about what the emergence of the Independent Group means for British Politics, arguing it is a good sign in an otherwise increasingly polarising politics
Constant Crisis: Is it time for Corbyn to say goodbye?

Constant Crisis: Is it time for Corbyn to say goodbye?

Has the novel sheen of Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn begun to dull? Nimo Omer argues that in wake of the scandal surrounding anti-semitism it is time for the party to move on from their idealisation of the scruffy socialist

Momentum’s ‘loyalty-tests’ are an affront to democracy

The group’s introduction of contracts for MPs undermines the Parliamentary tradition. But worst of all, they remove MPs’ rights to intellectual independence

Students launch ‘boycott First’ campaign

First bus drivers at the Rusholme Depot are paid up to £5000 a year less than colleagues working at the First’s Queen’s Road base just five miles away

Manchester Labour Students in disarray

Following the publication of ‘Manchester Labour Students move left’ to unofficial Momentum magazine The Clarion, yet more divisions begin to reveal themselves within MLS

Hard left Labour students accused of anti-Semitism

Following the resignation Oxford Labour students’ co-chair over claims of anti-semitism within the club, figures have shown the issue is due to hard left