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political hero Articles

My Political Hero: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Ben Fearn explains why FDR is his political hero

Margaret Thatcher 1925-2013

No politician is perfect, no policy perfect, but in Thatcher’s case the damage caused is difficult to justify.

My Political Hero: Lyndon B. Johnson

Aidan Gregory tells us why the controversial once-elected president is his political hero

My Political Hero: Eliot Spitzer

David Burch explains an unlikely political hero…

My Political Hero: Sócrates (with an ó)

This week, Ben Weich writes about his political hero, Brazilian footballer Sócrates

My Political Hero: Emily Balch

Antonia Jennings pays tribute to influential feminist, pacifist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Emily Balch

My Political Hero: Clement Attlee

“While Churchill is seen as the definitive wartime leader, Attlee was the man who ran Britain.” Rob Fuller heaps praise upon one of the great 20th Century Prime Ministers

My Political Hero: Joe Slovo

In recognition of UMSU’s Black and Ethnic Minority Week, Lucy Hall pays homage to one of the great anti-apartheid activists, Joe Slovo