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Russell Brand Articles

I don’t want to become a journalist because of Russell Brand

I don’t want to become a journalist because of Russell Brand

The media industry is becoming increasingly notorious for protecting sexual predators – and the men at the top are preventing women from pursuing a career in the industry

Interview: Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell, the human rights campaigner, spoke to The Mancunion ahead of his General Election event on the 30th of April

The government won’t listen to apathy – use your vote

Guest contributor Kris McDermott debunks the myth that not voting will make a difference—make your voice heard on the 7th of May if you want things to change

Why Russell Brand has been good for British politics

Lauren Wills explores the effect that the outspoken comedian and political commentator Russell Brand has had on the UK political sphere

Review: Russell Brand – Revolution

Books editor Alister Pearson reviews Russell Brand’s third book, ‘Revolution’, that commands us to overturn this corrupt capitalist society in favour for a society focused on love

Opinion: Is Ghostwriting a Problem?

After discovering that “My Booky Wook” was written by someone other than Russell Brand, Alister Pearson asks whether ghostwriting is a bad thing or not.

‘Are a generation of young people right to give up on Westminster?’

Following the #idebate in Manchester last week, Alice Rigby and Charlotte Green debate whether or not young people should abandon Westminster as a way of creating political change

Voting and Russell Brand’s revolution

Jenny Sterne discusses whether not voting will ever achieve the revolution that the popular comedian imagines…