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Gendered Eating: nothing but celery is safe

Gendered Eating: nothing but celery is safe

Contributor Elena Bradley explores gendered eating as a concept. Is it a fad or is there stock in it as a social issue?

Veg of the Week: The Humble Sweet Potato

Often in the shadow of their starchy distant relative the potato, sweet potatoes are just as cheap, versatile and delicious as the mighty jacketed staple food. At around 79p per kg at Lidl (that’s about 3 big ones), there is no excuse not to have a go at some of our tasty and cost cutting recipes. Don’t be put off by their coloured skin and mutated shapes; it’s what’s inside that counts. Equality for the potatoes!

Butternut squash, chicken and feta salad

A healthy salad that is also filling and satisfying is a fine thing indeed

The Good, the Bad and the Krunchy

As he nears the end of his degree, Jay Meros looks back on three years of fast food (through haiku)