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sexual harrasment Articles

Legal deals ‘cover up’ scale of sexual harassment problem at universities

Confidentiality clauses have according to campaigners stifled the scale of the sexual harassment issue at UK universities, leaving many afraid to speak out

95 per cent of girls groped on nights out

95 per cent of female university students have reported sexual harassment on nights out in a survey by The Tab. This and other research has forced universities to take action to protect their students

French Men: Dispelling the Myth

Think every French Man is a baguette toting connoisseur of amour? Think again, says Molly Allen.

The We Get It! campaign enters its next phase

The We Get It! campaign, the Students’ Union’s zero tolerance to sexual harassment incentive, has moved into its next stage with a “report and support” button on My Manchester and the appointment of at least two sexual harassment advisers