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Deadline day diet

How to avoid snacking on naughty foods during that all nighter at Ali G


My approach to essays is hardly one that I’d shout from the rooftops: vaguely become aware of a looming deadline, chill; realise said looming deadline is in fact this week, chill with a slight hint of guilt; deadline is no longer looming and is in fact tomorrow, eat.

‘Night before’ essay writing is mine, and I’m sure many others’, forte. There are the people who post statuses claiming not to have started an essay, whilst they are actually sitting in front of a perfectly planned 2000 words. Then there are those of us who truly have not begun. Whether you spend your last precious hours in the comfort of your flat or in the learning commons amongst fellow disorganised souls, food remains a necessity.

Whilst my undying love for McVitie’s chocolate digestives will never fade, it’s come to my attention (rather depressingly) that these half coated, circular delights are pretty bad for me. Especially at three in the morning. So what should we be snacking on instead when desperate times call for desperate measures?

Why not try sugar free jelly, a surprisingly satisfying sweet treat? Or berries? Unfortunately, buying them fresh you mean you will probably rack up a total rivalling the price of a Parklife ticket. Head to the frozen aisle instead (making sure to avoid eye contact with Ben and Jerry) and pick up a pack of Sainsbury’s Basics Berry Mix to store in your freezer.

The classic carrot and houmous pairing is another tast and healthy snack. Crunchy foods are also said to help the stress subside by ridding you of jaw tension, so take that Plato.

If the aforementioned options aren’t taking your fancy, there is always homemade popcorn. Stock up on brown paper bags (Amazon) and some kernels (good old Sainsbury’s); microwave until the popping stops and you’re reading to face a long gruelling night.

So, while I’m cursing myself the night before a deadline yet again, at least I can nibble without completely ruling out hopes of a summer bikini body.