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Daily Archives: 5th October 2014

Will and the People have been touring on the back of their recently released third album, Whistleblower. Photo - Wikimedia Commons

Live: Will and the People

James Collins checks out Will and the People’s set at Antwerp Mansion

Still the undisputed king. Photo: LucasFilm

Top 5: Musicians Making Movies

Sarah Wolff sings the praises of her favourite multi-talented celebrities, ‘note’able not only for their music but also their on screen compos(e)ure.

The Good Wife. Photo: CBS

Feature: American TV Autumn Preview

It’s the most wonderful time of the (TV) year…

Max Greenfield consistently steals the show. Photo: Fox

You Can’t Handle the Truth! – New Girl

Martin Solibakke thinks that New Girl is the best sitcom this side of Friends.

Photo: Columbia Pictures

Review: The Equalizer

Does The Equalizer triumph over evil, or is this a miscarriage of justice from Denzel Washington? Alice Williams finds out.

Leaders call for devolution of Manchester in the wake of the Scottish Referendum results. Photo: Pablo Fernández @Flickr

“Viva the Republic of Mancunia”

In the wake of the Scottish referendum Manchester Leaders call for more powers to be devolved away from Westminster.

British Heart Foundation overwhelmed by heart shown by students across Manchester Photo: Tim Ellis @Flickr

Students Raise £230k for charity

British Heart Foundation overwhelmed by the show of charitable heart from students.

Manchester Council's dog home task force is set to quickly rehome the loveable animals. Photo: JBSibley @Flickr

Council sets up Manchester Dogs’ Home task force

Manchester City Council establish temporary dog home task force to get the shelter back up and running.

The attack took place at the Fallowfield Shell Garage, at 3am last Tuesday morning. Photo: Lee Jordan @Flickr

Man in serious condition after Fallowfield attack

The man was left with serious head injuries at local petrol station after a violent dispute over bike ownership.

The molecule bears a striking resemblance to the iconic religious symbol. Photo: The University of Manchester

Manchester scientists synthesise “Star of David” molecule

A complex new molecule created by a postgraduate student at the University of Manchester closely resembles the famous symbol of Judaism

Tahir Nazir was found guilty of sexual assaults on students at Manchester Crown Court. Photo: raver_mikey@Flickr

Teenage girl-gang’s seven-month violence spree comes to an end

A gang of teenage girls have been jailed after carrying out a spree of attacks on female students in the Fallowfield and Wimslow area.

Despite being a successful and common treatment for cancer, radiotherapy does not kill all cancerous cells. Photo: thomas23 @Flickr

Combining cancer treatments could improve survival rates in patients

A study published in Cancer Research reveals that treating patients with both radiotherapy and immunotherapy at the same time could prevent cells from becoming resistant to treatment