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Anna Phillips

Anna Phillips

Interview: Paul Birch, founder of UK party for a review into cannabis law

The chair of CISTA, a party campaigning solely for a review into cannabis laws, speaks to News Editor Anna Phillips about the War On Drugs, cannabis in the media, and the vision of the UK’s future legalisation policy

Islamic speaker’s event cancelled after “security concerns” at university

Thousands sign petition to prevent Islamic scholar Haitham Al-Haddad from speaking at the University of Westminster

Students face ‘unlawful’ conduct at universities

A consumer watchdog has revealed that at least 40 UK universities offer unlawful terms to students

Three quarters of students turn to porn for sex education

The NUS has found that young people are inadequately informed about sex and calls for a government commitment to SRE lessons

Muslim students campaign against Theresa May’s proposed counter-terrorism bill

The bill, which will see universities compelled to monitor rising “extremism” among students, is said to restrict free speech

SU presents: The Vagina Monologues

Women’s Campaign and the SU will stage the witty, outrageous play which gives voice to the female experience

Pangaea teams up with Party For The People to help fund Meningitis Research

Non-profit organisation Party For The People will be selling Pangaea tickets to raise money for Meningitis Research and Nightline

Cardiff University vote against being officially pro-choice

A motion which would make Cardiff University officially pro-choice has been defeated in an annual meeting

GMP investigating another rape in Fallowfield

A 22-year-old was raped as she walked home from a friend’s house around 11:30pm on Friday the 5th of December

University of East Anglia protests against tax on sanitary products

The University of East Anglia is to sell tampons for no profit in protest to VAT

Black delegates stage walkout at UCU equalities conference in Manchester

Delegates walked out in protest over alleged failure to tackle racism, bullying and victimisation

State school graduates will earn less than private school counterparts

There is a pay gap between state school and private school graduates who achieve the same degree in the same subject, and go into the same profession

Female student raped as she walked home through Fallowfield

The 19-year-old was raped in an alleyway near Whitby Road in Fallowfield at around 3:30am last Saturday, on her way home from a night out

Manchester student speaks at Birmingham University about the legal case of Meriam Ibrahim

Emily Clarke spoke about the media storm surrounding Meriam Ibrahim’s case, and her petition to save her life

Manchester University becomes affiliated with Worker Rights Consortium

The uni becomes affiliated with the WRC, which addresses poor pay and working conditions at the garment factories which produce university merchandise.

Man in serious condition after Fallowfield attack

The man was left with serious head injuries at local petrol station after a violent dispute over bike ownership.

Top gay-friendly universities are revealed

University provisions for lesbian, gay and bisexual students continue to improve, says Stonewall.

Government reforms will lead to even more unpaid student loans

By Autumn 2015, restrictions on the number of student entries into universities will be removed

Sexual harassment rife at UK universities

A recent study by NUS shows the shocking extent of sexual harassment around universities

Nando’s Napkin Gets Dealer Nicked- Needs Image

Manchester drug dealer busted after his fingerprints were left on a Nando’s napkin