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Edward Bains

Edward Bains

The EU is not perfect, but to run would be cowardly

The European Project has its flaws but has the potential to be so much better. Britain should be at the heart of it

Jeremy Corbyn is driving Labour to oblivion

Five months on and the new politics are failing to make a real impact against the Conservatives and in the polls

Lecturers take part in the Politics Question Time

Lecturers from the University of Manchester took part in a politics question time style event at 256 Bar in Fallowfield

National HIV Testing Week

A national campaign to promote HIV testing among high-risk groups with the tagline ‘I’m testing’ takes place across England, hoping to slow the spread of the deadly virus

Manchester Universities are second cheapest in the UK for a round of drinks

The Manchester Universities have been ranked as having the second cheapest round in the UK, having just been beaten by the Leeds Universities.

Manchester scientists synthesise “Star of David” molecule

A complex new molecule created by a postgraduate student at the University of Manchester closely resembles the famous symbol of Judaism