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Daily Archives: 2nd February 2017

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Top 5: Films about food

Eat with your eyes

Photo: GageSkidmore@Flickr

British scientists advise May to welcome disaffected US counterparts

100 scientific researchers based in the UK have released statements urging Theresa May to be cautious of Trump’s administration, which may severely damage scientific research and data records

Photo: National Graphene Institute

Manchester reveals world’s first graphene dress

Fashion, science, and technology come together to produce a graphene dress that changes colour when you breathe

Photo: Robert Cutts@Wikimedia Commons

Greater Manchester’s upcoming metro mayor election

Greater Manchester is gearing up for the upcoming metro mayor election

Photo: Lucy Fletcher

Thousands march against Trump

On Monday 30th of January, thousands of people took to the streets of Manchester to protest against Trump’s executive orders

Photo: Lorimer Macandrew

Review : Pangaea – Land before time

Hannah Brierley, a Pangaea regular, reports back on what was a damp and unimpressive Pangaea

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Interview: Frank Turner

Frank Turner talks to Katie Shepherd about his 2000th show, the year everything ‘nearly came apart’ and the importance of emotional honesty


Review: Narvik

A truly haunting and mesmerising play by Lizzie Nunnery