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Fahim Sachedina

Fahim Sachedina is a second year student of Economics and Politics at the University of Manchester. A regular contributor to The Mancunion with a particular interest in Middle Eastern affairs, he is co-founder of the website He encourages all students who want to write about issues concerning finance, business and economics to get involved! You can follow him on Twitter @FahimSachedina
Lavish: Gaddafi steps off his $120 million private jet, paid for by Libya's vast oil riches

“Every Libyan should be rich” – how Gaddafi squandered oil trillions

Fahim Sachedina explains how the late Colonel Gaddafi wasted Libya’s oil riches – but looks forward to a brighter future for a neglected people

Malcolm X

The importance of Black and Ethnic Minorities Week

Fahim Sachedina, tells The Mancunion about the significance of Black and Ethnic Minorities Week which takes place across the university this week

Palestine Flag

Debate 1: The time for false mediation is over

“With our souls, with our blood, we will defend Palestine,” cry those for whom Western rhetoric has become a rare beacon of hope in the…


Israel-Palestine: ‘The time for false mediation is over’

For all of President Obama’s idealistic rhetoric, it falls to our European leaders to take action over the Middle East peace process