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Councillors clamp down on Fallowfield bars

New bars in the Fallowfield and Withington areas will face stricter licensing criteria under plans by councillors.

In an attempt to reduce anti-social behaviour in the student areas, new bars may be subject to reduced opening hours. In June this year, as exams were finishing, there were 315 reports of anti-social behaviour within the M14 postcode area, which covers Fallowfield.

The council is attempting to introduce the regulations to reduce the amount of noise and binge drinking.

The number of new bars allowed to open may also be restricted, although there are no plans to restrict the operations of bars currently in the area.

Fallowfield, a large residential area for students, already has around 20 establishments licensed to serve alcohol and has been named as a “problem area” for anti-social behaviour.

The restriction of licensing could follow assessments in the areas most popular with students.

Permanent residents and the owners of bars and businesses in the area will also be consulted throughout the assessment.

The level of crime and disorder in districts such as Fallowfield and Withington are factors in these assessments.

The restrictions are part of a plan to ensure that licensed businesses interact well, making positive contributions to their communities.

The council aims to “encourage a move away from youth-orientated, alcohol dominated establishments” in Manchester.

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