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What really happened with the fences? University of Manchester releases inquiry findings

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January getaway

Exams. What really is the point of them? Weeks of stress, all nighters, bad skin and malnourishment (I live on tea and biscuits) lead up to those two hours in seat 15 of pure cruelty.

Exams are more torturous than 9am lectures, or sitting through Desperate Scousewives. Even post exams and I’m still feeling the nerves, my brain has not wound down from cramming, and I am sure that there are plenty more like me out there.

During one of our twelve-hour OP cluster sessions a couple of my girlfriends texted me and my housemates saying that they had booked a very, very last minute holiday to Tenerife. But unlike the usual empty exclamations of “let’s do it” knowing that it was never going to happen, my housemates and I looked at each other and just like that we got to Googling.

Flights to Tenerife from Manchester were only £80 return, and for 5 nights self-catering, it was just the same. The promise of sun, sea and sand for a mere fraction of the latest loan installment it seemed almost sinful to say no to.

Yes fellow students, this week I will be sunning myself on a beach in Playas de las Americas with temperatures set to be over 23 degrees and not a raincloud in sight.

If you really think about it, it is actually the perfect time to go on holiday, especially for students. January blues have got us all down in the dumps, but all the big holiday sites,, and even Thomson are having their start of year sales – which believe me are really worth taking a look at.

All I want is to feel the warm sun on my face and not need to think about anything but my next margarita, so if you are thinking, “I hate her” then good ‘cos I would hate me too.


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