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25th September 2012

Ask Keir: Freshers’ weight gain

This week Keir addresses the fresher diet.

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Question of the Week

Hi, I’m a Fresher and so just starting out at university. My brother gained a ton of weight during his first year and I really don’t want to do the same. Have you got any suggestions?

Most people will have known someone that will have gone to uni and come back a bit on the heavier side by Christmas. The principle culprit for this is almost always the tasty takeaway. As with most foods, moderation is the key but being away from home and not being used to cooking for yourself everyday can lead to takeaways becoming the staple of any students’ diet. To prevent the pounds piling on keep it simple and stick to three meals a day and drink lots of water. It all sounds like common sense but common sense can easily go out the window in your first semester away.

Further help can be found by getting a student cookbook for some quick, easy and healthy recipes to cook on those evenings you aren’t prepared to cook a gourmet feast. I personally recommend “Nosh for Students: A Fun Student Cookbook” which you can get for as little as £6 online. There are plenty of others to have a look at that might suit you more.  Having a good diet can also help keep away the freshers’ flu, which is always a bonus, so get cooking!

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