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Ask Keir Articles

Ask Keir: Alcohol dependency

This week… Keir tackles the misuse of alcohol

Ask Keir: How to stay healthy at University

Keir Stone-Brown gives you some tips about how to stay healthy during your first weeks at University

Ask Keir: Freshers’ weight gain

This week Keir addresses the fresher diet.

Ask Keir: Ritalin

As exams approach Keir looks at the use of Ritalin, in the final edition of Ask Keir

Ask Keir: Whooping cough

This week Keir addresses your queries about the rising issue of whooping cough

Ask Keir: Hangovers

This week Keir looks at how to deal with the bane of every student’s life: hangovers

Ask Keir: Ear wax

Keir gives advice on the age old problem of blocked ears

Ask Keir: Tonsillitis

This week Keir takes you on a whistle stop tour of the tonsillitis and antibiotic dilemma!

Ask Keir: Depression

This week Keir discusses mental health issues among students

Ask Keir: Stress

Advice on how to deal with study related stress

Ask Keir: Ecstasy

Your health questions answered by columnist, Keir Stone-Brown

Ask Keir: Sexual health

Lifestyle’s new health column brought to you from Keir Stone-Brown