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15th October 2012

Must see this week in Theatre: 22nd October-29th October

Josephine Lane previews theatre in Manchester for the week ahead.

Light-Hearted Intercourse

Light-Hearted Intercourse has its world premiere this week after being unearthed from Bill Naughton’s (Bolton’s most famous playwright) archives and being brought to life by director David Thacker. The play looks at a young couple in the 1920s adjusting to married life whilst keeping secrets from their pasts from each other.

Runs until 3rd November at The Bolton Octagon. Tickets £9.50-£15.50


Borderline Vultures

An interactive, 360-degree experience taking place in a ‘secret Salford location’ , exploring communication where there is no common language. Performed as part of the InOnTheAct festival.

Runs until 28th October at The Lowry Theatre

Student Tickets £10


Orpheus Descending

Whilst being one of Tennesse William’s lesser-known plays, Orpheus Descending, still has plenty of what we love about him: a young male drifter, an unhappy Southern belle and lots of passion. Stars Imogen Stubbs as Lady Torrance.

Runs from 24th October to 24th November at The Royal Exchange Theatre

Student Tickets £10 and £5 on a Monday or Friday


ThickSkin: The Static

Physical theatre piece about a teenage boy who can move objects with his mind, developed by award-winning theatre company ThickSkin.

Runs from  24th October to 25th October at The Contact Theatre

Student Tickets £6


Obama The Mamba

Based on a true story, Obama The Mamba, introduces us to George Hussain Obama, the Nairobi slum gangster and half-brother to the US President. A story about fate, power and destiny.

Runs from 23rd October to 27th October at The Lowry Theatre

Tickets £10-£16


42nd  Street

Musical about small-town girl, Peggy Sawyer in her rise to Broadway fame. Set during the Great Depression and includes songs like ‘Lullaby of Broadway’ and I Only Have Eyes For You’.

Runs from 23rd October to 27th October at The Palace Theatre


The Mousetrap

The world’s longest-running play ever, Agatha Cristie’s The Mousetrap comes to the Manchester Opera House this week on a tour marking its 60-year anniversary. Come be apart of theatre history in this classic murder-mystery play!

Runs from 22nd to 27th October at The Manchester Opera House

Tickets £10-£29.50





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