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Blind Date: Hannah and Henry

Henry, 3rd Year, History

First impressions?

She was really friendly and nicely dressed – she is studying fashion though so maybe that’s not a surprise!

What did you have to eat?

We both had the Spanish stew, which was really quite tasty. Then she had a brownie and I had a sundae which were both pretty enormous.

What did you talk about?

About living in Manchester, favourite nights out and music, how we get on with our brothers, jobs, tv programmes, food.. I found her really easy to talk to.

If they were an alcoholic beverage what would they be and why?

Maybe a Baileys because it goes down well with everyone.

Were there any awkward silences?

Maybe there were a couple of short ones but I don’t think they were too noticeable.



Hug, kiss, or something more?

We said goodbye at Sainsburys – and then saw each other 5 minutes later walking home! I enjoyed the evening but I’m not sure we’ll meet up again. I’m sure I’ll say hello if we bump into eachother again though.


Hannah, Year 2 Fashion & Textile Retailing

First impressions?

Friendly, chatty, easy to talk to.

What did you have to eat?

Amazing spanish stew with brownie for pudding.

What did you guys talk about?

Why we decided to go on the blind date, nights out in Manchester and travel!

If they were an alcoholic beverage which one would they be and why?

Hm. I’d probably say Malibu and Coke – sweet and really easy to like.

Were there any awkward silences?

I didn’t notice any (awkward if he says there were).


7/10 – hope he doesn’t undercut me!

Finally, hug, kiss or something more?

No hug nor kiss. We didn’t swap numbers so probably won’t be meeting up again.


Hannah and Henry ate at Trof, fallowfield. Thanks to the guys down there for getting involved. To check out their menu and what’s going on there head to

To sign up for blind date please e-mail your name, year of study and course to [email protected] with ‘blind date’ as the subject

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