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With over sixty years of history, 38,000 student and graduate volunteers from over 113 countries, and a network of over one million alumni, AIESEC is not only the world’s largest student-run organisation, it is also one of the most successful. Vice President of Marketing, Patrik Nordqvist tells The Mancunion about how the society ‘provides members with the skills and experience needed to transform them from high-potential students into the leaders of tomorrow’. AIESEC find companies and businesses in branches around the world and matches them with eager students, providing leadership experiences and global internships.

Being a member of AIESEC gives students key advantages, such as acquisition of real-world skills and experiences. By volunteering in AIESEC, students gain valuable skills such as leadership, teamwork, interpersonal skills and time management. Members volunteer between eight to twenty hours a week, which may seem like a lot of time alongside studying, but as Patrik explains, ‘it is recognised as an investment in their future’ and is valued among potential employers.

Last semester AIESEC had socials and events including themed parties, conferences and events where students could get to know each other as well as well as learning to network. They also held evenings with major global companies such as Optu, Usana and Deloitte.

Be A Global Player

Their next event is on the 21st February at 4pm in University Place, Theatre A, and is a conference called “Be a Global Player”. This event emphasises the importance of a global mindset and cultural awareness in the corporate world. The agenda of the conference is based on intensive skill training, uniting students as they participate in three hours of comprehensive personal and professional development. “Be a Global Player” is an event which will widen students’ horizons, enabling them to be more successful after university when they will be competing with other rising economies. Five global companies from five different industries, including fashion, consulting, finance, food and media have been invited. There will also be some guest-speakers and members of AIESEC Manchester’s Alumni will be contributing. The format of the conference will involve a panel discussion, where students are encouraged to ask questions related to the industries, the company itself and the skills needed in a globalised business world. There will also be skills sessions provided with each company as well as networking sessions between students and companies. Sven Ekert who is in charge of the conference said, ‘the event is open to everyone, so whoever wants to improve his/her employability is more than welcome’.

If you would like to get involved or know more about AIESEC visit, Twitter @AIESECMANC or their Facebook page by searching ‘Aiesec Manchester’. Alternatively, email [email protected] for more information.

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